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Uncooked Fruit Cake Recipes

Delicious Uncooked Fruit Cake Recipe
Leave nuts whole or in chunks. Place in large mixing bowl. Add crackers and spices. Melt marshmallows over double boiler with orange juice and rind. Add fruit to crumbs and nuts; [...]
My Mother's Uncooked Fruit Cake Recipe
Add all ingredients to rolled crackers except the cream. Lightly toss, then add cream gradually. Mix thoroughly to moisten all cracker crumbs. Pack in square tin or mold that has [...]
Uncooked Fruit Cake (old-time) Recipe
Crush graham crackers, cut up gum drops, citrons, cherries and pecans. Add cinnamon, all spice, and cloves. Melt cut up marshmallows with milk in top of double boiler and put over [...]
Uncooked Fruit Cake Recipe
Mix wafers, dates, fruit and nuts. Add milk and mix thoroughly. Pack tightly in foil lined pan and keep in refrigerator.
Uncooked Fruit Cake Recipe
Soak cut-up marshmallows in milk. Crush graham crackers until fine. Combine all other ingredients; add marshmallows and graham crackers. Mix well; pack into mold or pan lined with [...]
Uncooked Fruit Cake Recipe
Crush wafers, chop pineapple. Mix all ingredients together and roll into logs or ball. Chill and slice. Freezes well for later use.
Uncooked Fruit Cake Recipe
Cut cherries, dates and pineapple in smaller pieces. Mix together in very large bowl and set aside. Mix together in double boiler: 1 pkg. lg. marshmallows 1 c. sugar 1 c. can milk [...]
Uncooked Fruit Cake Recipe
Use 2 quart saucepan, melt marshmallows and 3/4 cup juice. Mix fruit and crackers in a dishpan. Pour juice and marshmallows over fruit a little at a time, use long handled spoon [...]
Uncooked Fruit Cake Recipe
Crush and sift graham crackers. Mix with chopped fruits and nuts. Melt marshmallows in cream in a double boiler. Pour over all and mix quickly with your hands. Shape in pan lined [...]
Uncooked Fruit Cake Recipe
Mix together and pack into a bundt pan. Refrigerate a few hours before removing from pan.

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