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Steak Roll Recipes

Flank Steak Roll Ups Recipe
Using a fork or meat tenderizer, prick the steak evenly over the entire surface; turn over and repeat. In a plastic zipper bag, combine soy sauce, sherry, vinegar and black [...]
Steak Roll Recipe
Wipe steak thoroughly with damp cloth and pound vigorously with edge of heavy saucer. Saute onion in fat until yellow. Add to bread crumbs. Combine lightly with all remaining [...]
Beef Steak Roll Recipe
Prepare a bread dressing such as one uses for chicken. Pound a round steak a little but not very hard; spread the dressing over it, lapping over the ends. Roll the steak up [...]
Beef Steak Roll Recipe
Take an ordinary round steak, lay out flat and put in center a nice dressing made of crumbs, salt, pepper, butter, sage and an egg, all moistened with to water. Cover dressing all [...]
Round Steak Roll-up Recipe
Lay out the round steak and season with ground black pepper. Wash and pat dry the spinach leaves. Place spinach leaves on top of the steak in two layers. Add the mushrooms to the [...]
Brasciol Or Italian Steak Roll Recipe
Mix all ingredients together, excluding steak. Lay steak out flat and cover with filling mixture. Roll in jelly roll fashion, securing with toothpick. Brown in 4 tablespoons oil [...]
Steak Roll Parmesan Recipe
Place mushrooms, onions, cheese, salt, pepper and parsley along center of steak. Beginning with the short side, roll as tightly as possible into one large roll. Fasten with [...]
Italian Steak Roll/brascioli Recipe
Mix all ingredients except meat. Pound round steak to about 3/8 inch thickness. Cut in strips. Spread stuffing (thin) on meat. Roll meat and tie with string. Brown meat. After [...]
Braciola (steak Roll) Recipe
Have your favorite spaghetti sauce simmering. Lay meat flat and pound to tenderize. Sprinkle with grated cheese, parsley, garlic, salt and pepper. Tuck in ends and roll up meat to [...]
Parsley Steak Rolls Recipe
If meat is too thick pound 1/4 inch. Reserve mushrooms and crowns. Chop stems and sprinkle over meat along with parsley, onion, and cheese. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Lightly [...]

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