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Squash Recipes

Cheese, Squash And Corn Casserole Recipe
In a medium-size skillet, cook pepper and onion about 5 minutes or until soft. Add zucchini, tomatoes, chili and sauce and cover. Cook over medium heat, about 10 minutes or until [...]
Aunt Artie's Squash With Cheese Recipe
Cook squash until tender in a small amount of boiling salted water. Make a white sauce using melted butter, flour, salt, and milk. Add drained squash to white sauce. Arrange in a [...]
Baked Acorn Squash With Parmesan Cheese Recipe
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Coat a baking sheet or jelly roll pan with cooking spray. Cut the squash in half crosswise and scoop out the seeds with a spoon. Slice the squash into [...]
Zucchini Squash Casserole Recipe
Cook noodles. Set aside. Beat eggs, cornstarch, and milk together. Cook over medium heat until it comes to boil. Saute together zucchini, squash, onions, celery salt, garlic [...]
Zucchini Squash Casserole Recipe
Layer squash, butter, sliced onion, sliced tomato, grated cheese. Add second layer of each. Bake at 350 degrees about 40 minutes. (Eggplant may be used instead of zucchini.)
Zucchini Squash Casserole Recipe
Dice squash (peel only if large), put in casserole. Add: Salt and pepper, chopped onion and dabs of butter, mix together. Add: Cheese and tomato sauce over top. Butter on both [...]
Cheese Squash Casserole Recipe
Melt butter and stir into stuffing mix then line bottom of baking dish (approximately 8 x 12 1/4 inch). Mix all other ingredients except cheese. Mix well and pour over stuffing in [...]
Summer Squash And Tomatoes Au Gratin Recipe
In large casserole, layer thinly sliced squash, pepper, tomato, garlic powder, onion, bacon, and cheeses. In second layer after the squash, dot with 1/2 stick of butter and [...]
Cheese Squash Casserole Recipe
Melt butter and stir into the stuffing mix. Then line the bottom of 8 x 12 1/2 inch baking dish with mixture. Mix all other ingredients well and pour over stuffing lined dish. [...]
Spaghetti Squash Nachos Recipe
Boil whole squash covered in water (approximately 20-40 minutes according to size). Test for doneness by pressing fingertips into skin, should feel like baked potato. Cut in half, [...]

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