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Roll Recipes

Ham And Cheese Party Rolls Recipe
Slice tops off party rolls and place in baking dish. Top with ham and cheese, then spoon on half of butter mixture. Put tops on rolls and spoon other half of butter mixture on [...]
Ham And Cheese Party Rolls Recipe
Split party rolls horizontally. Set aside top half. Layer ham and cheese on bottom half. Replace top. Pour over top the following mixture: 1 stick butter (melted) 1 tbsp. [...]
Party Rolls Recipe
Grate Velveeta and Spam with cheese grater. Add chives and mix thoroughly. Cut centers out of party rolls with melon baller. (Leave all rolls as is, don't break apart.) Fill [...]
Ham And Cheese Party Rolls Recipe
Melt butter and add all ingredients but ham and cheese. Mix well and set aside. Cut top halves from rolls and lift off. Mix ham and cheese and sprinkle over bottom half of rolls. [...]
Ham And Cheese Party Rolls Recipe
Cut the whole package of rolls in half (all 3 pkg.). Use large sharp knife. Mix poppy seed, onion, butter, mustard, and Worcestershire and spread on all sides of rolls. Cover one [...]
Ham And Swiss Cheese Party Rolls Recipe
To soft butter, add seed, onion, mustard and Worcestershire sauce. Split rolls down the middle and spread on both sides. Sprinkle ham and cheese on this. Heat about 15 minutes. [...]
Ham Party Rolls Recipe
Melt butter. Mix together next 5 ingredients with melted butter. Spread over rolls. Sprinkle rolls with cheeses and heat in a 400 degree oven until cheese melts. Makes 10 to 15 [...]
Ham Party Rolls Recipe
Melt butter. Mix together butter, poppy seeds, onion, mustard, Worcestershire sauce and ground ham. Spread over rolls. Sprinkle the cheese over the rolls and heat until cheese is [...]
Ham Party Rolls Recipe
Melt butter. Mix with poppy seed, mustard, onion and Worcestershire sauce. Place ham on bottom half of buns. Spread with butter mixture. Sprinkle with cheese. Place top of buns on [...]
Party Ham Rolls Recipe
Combine mustard, butter and poppy seeds; mix well. Cut rolls in half; spread mustard mixture on each cut side. Place a small amount of ham and cheese on bottom of each roll. Cover [...]

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