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Roast Beef Recipes

Roast Beef Ball Recipe
Combine all and roll in a ball. Cover and chill. Serve with crackers.
Marinated Roast Beef Recipe
Place meat on rack in 9 x 13 inch roasting pan. Roast in 325 degree oven for about 2 hours until meat thermometer reads 140 degrees (rare). Cool slightly. Cut roast in 1/4 inch [...]
Roast Beef In Club Soda Recipe
Place roast on rack in covered roaster. Make 8 small deep slits in roast and insert 1 clove of garlic in each. Place vegetables around roast and sprinkle all with Worcestershire, [...]
Tea Roast Beef Recipe
Brown roast on both sides in skillet. Place roast in pan, set oven to 375 degrees. Make a strong tea using tea bags and water. Let steep for 10 minutes. Pour tea over roast. Add [...]
Roast Beef With Mushrooms In Wine Sauce Recipe
Heat 1 tablespoon butter in skillet, add shallots and mushrooms and saute until golden brown. Add beef, wine and increase heat, stir until reduced to half. Add remaining butter [...]
Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches Recipe
In a medium saucepan, bring beef broth to a boil. Add onion and garlic powder, ketchup, minced garlic and sliced onion. When broth comes to a rolling boil, drop in the separated [...]
Hot Italian Roast Beef Sandwiches Recipe
In a Dutch oven, melt butter over medium heat. Brown roast on all sides. Add remaining ingredients except rolls; cover and simmer until the roast is tender, about 3-1/2 to 4 [...]
Italian Roast Beef Sandwiches Recipe
In heavy pot, dutch oven, saute garlic to flavor oil. Brown roast on all sides over med. high heat. 10 to 15 minutes. Add water and beef broth to cover roast half way. Add onion, [...]
Cheese & Roast Beef Croissants Recipe
Saute mushrooms with pepper in hot butter until tender and lightly browned, about 5 minutes. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Slice croissants in half, lengthwise. Spread bottom half [...]
Cheese And Roast Beef Croissant Recipe
About 45 minutes before serving: In 2-quart saucepan over medium high heat, in hot butter, cook mushrooms and pepper until tender and lightly browned, stirring frequently, about 5 [...]

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