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Punch Recipes

Party Punch Recipe
Add half of the sherbet to cold milk and beat well. Stir in the lime/grapefruit beverage. Spoon the remaining sherbet onto the top and serve over cracked ice. Makes 7 8oz [...]
Perfect Party Punch Recipe
Mix first three ingredients together, add ice cream to melt slowly, add pineapple slices for garnishment. Tastes wonderful!!! Submitted by: Bri-Anne Williams
The Best Party Punch Ever Recipe
Let Sherbet thaw until easy to scoop. Add to fairly large punch bowl and alternatly at 7 Up and Fruit Drink back and forth until all is used! This should be made 20-30 minutes [...]
Awesome Party Punch Recipe
Mix together all frozen juices. Add the 8 cans of water. Refrigerate until ready to use. In punch bowl, fill halfway with punch mixture and top other half up with ginger ale. Add [...]
Party Punch Recipe
Mix all ingredients together in a punch bowl. Add frozen strawberries right before serving. Submitted by: al smit
Party Punch Recipe
Dissolve 1 box flavored gelatin in whatever color your party theme takes. Add 2 large cans of chilled pineapple juice, 4 large bottles of either ginger ale or one of the tangy [...]
Birthday Party Punch Recipe
Mix juices at least 3 hours before the party to mix up the flavors. Pour in ginger ale just before you serve it. Pour over ice or sherbet. Serves about 30.
Birthday Party Punch Recipe
Mix all the juices 3 hours before the party. Pour into the ginger ale just before you serve it. Pour over ice, or orange or lime sherbet. This would be a good recipe for a [...]
Easy Party Punch Recipe
Combine first 5 ingredients; chill. When ready to serve, pour mixture into punch bowl; stir in ginger ale. Makes 50 punch cup servings. TIP: This punch is kind to your budget. [...]
Festive Party Punch Recipe
Pour into punch bowl. Spoon sherbet into liquid just before serving. Make pretty colorful punches for parties.

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