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Layered Recipes

Layered Party Chef Salad Recipe
Layer spinach, eggs, ham, lettuce, peas and onion in punch bowl in order given. Combine sour cream, mayonnaise and salad dressing mix until blended; spread over salad. Top with [...]
Layered Party Rice Recipe
Stir together rice and turmeric in large bowl until rice is evenly golden. Stir in 1/2 cup of the dressing, the salt and pepper. Spread 2 1/2 cups of the rice mixture in bottom of [...]
Layered Party Salad Recipe
1. Cook bacon crisp, drain on paper towels. Crumble and set aside in plastic bag. Chop eggs. 2. Spread spinach in bottom of large metal or wooden bowl. Sprinkle with salt, pepper [...]
Layered Crab Mold Recipe
Grease 8 inch springform mold. Mix first 6 ingredients until well blended. Spread on bottom of springform mold. Spread crab meat over cheese layer. Spread chili sauce over crab [...]
Make Ahead Layered Salad Recipe
Layer above ingredients in order in a clear glass 3 quart bowl, then top with following dressing or one of your choice: 1/2 c. sour cream 2 tsp. Dijon mustard 1/4 c. sliced green [...]
Layered Nacho Dip Recipe
Heat in microwave or oven at 350 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes. Serve with nacho chips. Top with black olives and sour cream.
Layered Nacho Dip Recipe
Mix beans and seasoning mix. Spread bean mix in 8x12x2 inch dish. Layer remaining ingredients in order. Serve with nacho chips.
Layered Nacho Dip Recipe
Combine beans and taco mix. Spread in bottom of large platter. Layer all other ingredients in order listed. Serve with corn chips or nachos.
Layered Nacho Dip Recipe
Mix taco seasoning and beans, then spread on tray or bottom of dish. Layer other ingredients as listed in order. Serve with Dorito or nacho chips.
Layered Nacho Dip Recipe
Mix the above ingredients and spread in bottom of 9 x 13 inch cake pan. Layer the following in order given: 8 oz. carton sour cream 8 oz. carton guacamole Chopped green chili [...]

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