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Hot Dog Recipes

Party Hot Dogs Recipe
Cut up hot dogs. Mix and simmer for 2 hours.
Bacon Cheese Hot Dogs Recipe
Place hot dogs in saucepan and cover with water. Bring to a boil and drain off water. Cut each hot dog almost in half. Cut cheese slices into strips. Place cheese strips in hot [...]
Hot Dog Fondue Recipe
In saucepan on low heat, melt jelly until smooth. Blend in ketchup and bar-b-q sauce. Set aside. Cook hot dogs. Cut into bite-size pieces and add to sauce. Heat and serve.
Barbecue Cocktail Hot Dogs Recipe
Simmer all together in pan on top of stove. May be served in fondue pot with toothpicks. Young people really enjoy this. Also know as an appetizing snack.
Cocktail Hot Dogs Recipe
In heavy saucepan or crock pot, stir jelly and mustard. Cook over low heat until well blended. Add cut wieners and cook until done. Whole wieners may be used for a meat dish with [...]
Mexican Hot Dogs Recipe
Spread 1/2 tablespoon salsa on each tortilla. Top with 1/2 tablespoon onion. Wrap 1 cheese slice around each hot dog. Place on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated, 350 degree [...]
Cocktail Hot Dogs Recipe
Heat jelly and chili sauce. Correct with chili powder to taste. May be used as barbecue sauce without hot dogs.
Cocktail Hot Dogs Recipe
Mix all ingredients together in oven-proof dish. Cook slowly, approximately 30- 45 minutes in 350 degree oven. Serve hot with toothpicks. Smoked hot dogs or smoked Bratwurst may [...]
Cocktail Hot Dogs Recipe
Brown onions and garlic in butter. Add other ingredients (except hot dogs). Simmer. Add hot dogs and cook thoroughly. Serve hot in skillet with toothpicks.
Hot Dog Enchiladas Recipe
Boil hot dogs, piercing with a fork first to let out some fat. Combine about half a can of tomatoes, cut up, with about 4 tablespoon salsa. Heat the tomato mixture in a frying [...]

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