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Hor Recipes

Party Rye Hors D'oeuvres Recipe
Mix cheese, olives, onions and mayonnaise, just enough mayo to get to spreading consistency. Spread on rye bread and broil or bake at 350 degrees until cheese melts.
Short-cut Spanish Rice Recipe
Steam or boil rice according to package directions to measure about 3 cups. Cook rice slightly on the dry side (steaming is best). Minute Rice may be used for an emergency side [...]
Fried Garbanzos (chick Peas) With Chorizo (spanish Sausage) Recipe
Slice chorizos and saute with onions and peppers in olive oil until tender. Drain chicken peas reserving 3 tablespoons of liquid. Add chick peas, liquid and garlic powder and [...]
Two Cheese Spread With Horseradish Recipe
Place all ingredients into a blender and mix until uniform.
Bacon And Cheese Hors D'oeuvres Recipe
To prepare just mix all ingredients together except bread. Spread 1 tbsp. of mixture on each slice of bread. Bake on cookie sheet in a 550 degree oven for 1-2 minutes or until [...]
Bacon-cheese Hors D'oeuvres Recipe
Cook bacon until very crispy, but do not burn. When bacon has cooled, crumble with hands into a medium sized bowl. Add shredded cheese and mix with 1 cup mayonnaise. Add [...]
Bagel Cheese Hors D'oeuvres Recipe
Cut each bagel in half and each half into quarters. Each bagel equals 8 pieces. Spread cheese mixture on bagel pieces and bake at 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes.
Pinwheel Hors D'oeuvres Recipe
Use 6 slices of meat, spreading cream cheese mixture on top of each one. Roll jelly roll fashion. Wrap with plastic wrap and freeze. Before serving, defrost slightly, cut into 1/4 [...]
Pinwheels Hors D'oeuvres Recipe
Blend cheese and mayonnaise, stir in beef and onion. Separate crescent dough into 2 rectangles, seal perforations, spread each rectangle with cheese mixture. Roll up long side [...]
Cheese Puffs (hot Hors D'oeuvres) Recipe
Blend cheese with butter. Stir in flour, salt and paprika, mix well. Wrap 1 teaspoon of this mixture around each olive, covering it completely. Arrange on a baking sheet and [...]

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