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Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Homemade Ice Cream Sodas Recipe
1. In tall glass, pour milk. Top with syrup and a scoop of ice crema. Fill with soda water. Garnish with chocolate curls. COFFEE SODA: 3 tbsp. Coffee Syrup, recipe follows 1/4 c. [...]
Homemade Ice Cream Cake Recipe
Follow directions for cake mix. Divide batter into two round or square pans. Let cool. Spread ice cream between layers as filling. Spread Cool Whip over cake as a frosting. Freeze [...]
Homemade Ice Cream Recipe
Beat eggs until very stiff. Mix sugar, salt and vanilla. Add to egg mixture, mix well. Add whipping cream and half and half. Pour in ice cream maker, fill with milk up to line. [...]
Easy Homemade Ice Cream Recipe
Mix flour with sugar then mix remaining ingredients with sugar mixture. Pour into 1 gallon freezer and freeze.
Peppermint Stick Homemade Ice Cream Recipe
Beat Milnot until very stiff, add oil and beat about 1 minute. Add syrup, flavor and color, beat until blended. Fold in crushed peppermint candy. Freeze in freezer tray. Smooth [...]
Vanilla Homemade Ice Cream Recipe
Pour over ice cream freezer, fill remainder of freezer to fill line with regular milk. May add fruit if desired.
Mom's Homemade Ice Cream (french Vanilla) Recipe
Mix together thoroughly; freeze with ice cream freezer.
Vanilla Homemade Ice Cream Recipe
Whip milk and sugar together; pour this into freezer can and put dasher in place. Beat together eggs, sugar, and salt until light yellow and thick. Pour this into freezer can with [...]
Homemade Ice Cream (vanilla) Recipe
Mix eggs well, add sugar and mix, then beat in canned milk and then add the other milk, salt and vanilla.
Vanilla Homemade Ice Cream Recipe
Beat eggs until foamy. Mix in rest of ingredients until well blended. Put in freezer tank and add milk to within 1 1/2 inch of the top. Freeze. Makes 1 gallon.

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