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Craw Recipes

French Fried Crawfish Recipe
Combine flour, sugar, salt, egg, ice water, and oil. Beat until smooth. dip crawfish tails into batter and fry in deep oil at about 370 degrees until golden brown. This does not [...]
Shrimp, Crawfish, Crab Meat Or Ground Meat Casserole Recipe
Cook onions, pepper, garlic and celery in butter until tender. Add soups, parsley, green onions, meat and chopped pimento. Heat thoroughly, stir in rice and bread crumbs. Put in 3 [...]
Cocktail Sauce For Crawfish Recipe
Mix thoroughly and keep in a tight container. This will keep for 3 weeks. The sauce may be used on other dishes. Serves 14.
Crawfish Or Shrimp Cocktail Recipe
Combine all ingredients to make sauce. Pour over crawfish or shrimp, or dip the crawfish or shrimp in the sauce.
Crawfish Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe
Wash mushrooms and remove stems. Chop onions, green onions and bell pepper. Saute in butter. Add bread crumbs, crawfish and mushroom stems. Mix all together and add the [...]
Crawfish Corn Bread Recipe
Mix one box Jiffy corn bread mix according to directions and pour into well greased baking dish. Then put one layer of cheese over the corn bread mix. Saute the crawfish in a [...]
Crawfish Beignets Recipe
To make Beignets, mix above well. Cover bowl with a damp towel. Set aside 30 to 45 minutes. Then mix well again. Drop large spoonful of mixture into hot oil (350 to 375 degrees) [...]
Boiled Crawfish Recipe
You need 2 huge pots with baskets in them about 92 quart size. Fill one 1/2 full of water and add crab boil, salt, red pepper and lemon juice. Heat this seasoned water to a boil, [...]
Boiled Crawfish Recipe
In a 10 gallon stew pot, bring water, crab boil, salt and pepper to a boil. Add crawfish and boil for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and let crawfish soak for 10 minutes. This [...]
Boiled Crawfish Recipe
Wash and purge crawfish. In a 10 gallon pot, bring about 4 gallons of water to boil with seasonings. Add crawfish and potatoes or corn and bring to a boil quickly and cook for [...]

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