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Burger Recipes

Cheesy Burgers Recipe
1. Combine meat, bread crumbs, egg and red onion. 2. Add soy sauce, oregano, cheese and pepper, mixing well with your hands. Add half & half. 3. Shape meat mixture into 8 patties. [...]
Kid's Party Burgers Recipe
1. For each sandwich, spread half bun with Miracle Whip. 2. Cover with beef patty. Top with Velveeta slice. 3. To form face: Use olive slice for eyes and pimento for nose and [...]
Spanish Hamburger Casserole Recipe
Brown the meat and onion. Salt and pepper to taste. Drain the fat and add the Rotel, Spanish rice and beans. Mix and put in baking dish. Cook about 30 minutes at 325 degrees, then [...]
Hamburger Spanish Ranch Style Beans Recipe
Saute onions and celery in oil. Brown ground beef, drain. Add pimento, brown sugar, mushrooms, kidney beans, Heinz hot ketchup, regular ketchup, Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper. [...]
Hamburger Steak In Spanish Sauce Recipe
Combine ground beef, egg, crumbs, onion, milk, salt and pepper. Mix well, shape into 6 large patties. Cook until well done on both sides in skillet. While these are cooking, mix [...]
Hamburger Steaks In Spanish Sauce Recipe
Combine all ingredients. Shape into 6 large patties. Flatten out steaks. Cook in a slightly greased skillet at 375 degrees. Cook until steaks are brown on both sides. SAUCE: 1 [...]
Mom's Spanish Hamburger Recipe
In skillet cook celery and onion in small amount of water until celery is soft. Fry beef and crumble it up. When done, drain off grease. Add tomato sauce and water; salt and [...]
Spanish Hamburger (like Sloppy Joes) Recipe
In a Dutch oven on top of stove, bring to a boil: water, onion, salt and sugar. Then add in chili powder. On low heat, add ground beef and mash as fine as possible. Cook slowly [...]
Spanish Hamburger Soup For 2 Recipe
In saucepan brown beef and drain off fat. Add tomato sauce, carrot, mushrooms, onions, olives, water and wine. Cover and simmer for 30 to 35 minutes. Serve with cheese sticks or [...]
Spanish Hamburger Soup Recipe
Cook beef until brown. Drain fat. Sprinkle with 1/4 teaspoon salt and dash of pepper. Add tomato sauce, carrot, mushrooms, onion, olives and sugar. Stir in water and wine. Cover. [...]

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