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Bar-b-q Recipes

Easy Bar-b-que Chicken Recipe
Wash chicken. Place in frying pan on stove. Pour 1 cup of ketchup and one cup of cola over. Cook on medium heat until done. You can double the recipe if you like more sauce.
Bar-b-que Chicken Wings Recipe
Separate chicken wing tip and boil in water for 30 minutes to make stock. Sprinkle wing with garlic salt and ajinomoto. Let sit for 1/2 hour. Fry in hot oil until slightly brown [...]
Bar-b-que Little Smokies Recipe
Combine all ingredients. Bake at 300 degrees approximately 1 hour. Serve with toothpicks.
Smoky Bar-b-que Sauce Recipe
To 6 cups water add: 3 tbsp. pickling spices 1 tbsp. mustard seed 1 tbsp. celery seed 1 tsp. instant coffee 2 tbsp. kitchen bouquet
Bar-b-q Beef Sandwiches I Recipe
Heat oil in skillet. Brown meat. Remove meat and set aside. Brown onion in skillet. Add all ingredients and mix well. Add beef and simmer 1 1/2 hours or until meat is tender. [...]
Bar-b-q Ham Sandwiches Recipe
Heat oven to 350 degrees. In bowl, break up chipped ham into small pieces. Pour chili sauce over ham and stir. Put 1 large spoonful on each of the 8 bottoms of the buns. Place 1 [...]
Bar-b-que Sandwiches Recipe
In medium saucepan, combine all ingredients except beef or port and buns. Bring to boil. Reduce heat, simmer 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in meat; cover and simmer an [...]
Bar-b-que Filling And Sauce Recipe
2 tbsp. vinegar 2 tbsp. brown sugar 4 tbsp. lemon juice 1/4 c. fresh parsley (or dried) 2 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce Salt to taste 1 medium onion, sliced 1/2 tbsp. mustard 1 c. catsup
Bar-b-q Beef Brisket Recipe
Combine all marinate. Place meat in heavy plastic bag and pour marinate on. Squeeze air from bag and fasten. Place in 13"x9" pan; marinate in refrigerator 4 to 6 hours [...]
Bul Go Ki (korean Style Bar-b-que Beef) Recipe
Combine all ingredients and marinate beef for at least 1 hour. Broil or grill.

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