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Candies Recipes

Rock Candy Recipe
Dissolve sugar in the water and cook without stirring until mixture reaches 247 to 252 on candy thermometer. Have a reusable foil 8 inch square pan ready. To prepare the pan, [...]
Rock Candy Recipe
Cook to 300 degrees first 3 ingredients. Remove from fire, add flavored oil and food coloring. Pour quickly onto greased cookie sheet. Cool slightly and cut into small pieces. [...]
Hard Rock Candy Recipe
Sprinkle cookie sheet with powdered sugar or spread a large piece of heavy aluminum foil and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Mix together sugar, syrup and water. Cook and stir [...]
Old Fashioned Rock Candy Recipe
Cook these ingredients quickly without stirring to 290 degrees. Substitute fruit juice for liquid or add flavored extract and color. Pour quickly into greased square pan, chill [...]
Rock Candy Recipe
Bring the cup of water to a boil in the saucepan. Turn off the heat. Add the sugar. Stir until it is all dissolved. Set the pan aside and let the sugar solution cool. Tie the [...]
Rock Candy Recipe
Bring above to hard crack (300 degrees). Remove from heat and add one dram (1 teaspoon) oil flavoring. Pour onto a cookie sheet sprinkled with powdered sugar or nuts. Cool and [...]
Red Rock Candy Recipe
Combine sugar, corn syrup and water; cook over low heat, stirring until sugar dissolves. Cook to soft ball stage. Add red hots. Cook to hard crack stage, stirring often. Remove [...]
Rock Candy Recipe
Cook all of the above (except the oil) on medium heat to hard crack (about 285 degrees). Add oil, stir thoroughly and pour into ungreased cookie sheet. Crack when cool.
Rock Candy Recipe
Put the water in saucepan and bring to a boil. Turn off heat. Slowly add sugar, stirring to dissolve. Keep adding sugar until no more will dissolve. Allow to cool. While it cools, [...]
Rock Candy Recipe
Stir until boiling. Do not stir after boiling. Bring to hard stage. Add color before pouring into a greased pan. Let harden and crack to eat.

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